There and Back Again

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

As we make our way down the mountain, we discover an abandoned speeder. We, feeling a bit crowded in our current speeder, stop to investigate. It appears that this speeder belonged to the recently deceased bounty hunters. It was not far from the cave and the engine is still warm. How lucky are we… they even left the keys in the ignition! Upon further investigation, we also discover:

  • 2 medpacks
  • 1 medkit
  • 2 emergency repair kits

Half of us hop in the newly commandeered speeder and continue on our way back to Numeen. As we arrive we are greeted as heroes, having just vanquished a large faction of their oppressors. Each of us are offered shelter, food, and water. Later that evening the townsfolk host a celebration party around a bonfire. We all celebrate our victory and head for our bunks early just before dawn.

A few hours later, we are awoken by Buraban, who says that their scouts have found a larger group of bounty hunters assembling for an attack. They must have received word that five of their group have gone missing—and we’re the likely candidates for their disappearance.

Buraban offers to lead our away team which consists of LE-19, Gresbu, Beck, Brandon’s Character (who currently remains nameless), and three more from the town. We journey from Numeen for several minutes before we reach the bounty hunter’s camp. As we approach the walled-off campsite we are greeted by one Aqualish and two Human sentries.

Gresbu asks to meet with the leader of their group, and attempts to pass off that they have a business proposal. The guards do not allow them to pass and say they are under orders not to allow any passage. Sensing that we’re not going to get anywhere with these guards, Beck gives the signal to the three Twi’leks. They quickly hop off the speeder and begin firing at the guards. As they are occupied, Gresbu hits the throttle on the speeder and rams the gate. The gate flies open and the remaining party enters the bounty hunter’s compound.

As they enter they notice several rows of huts and tents within the walls. Four huts along the western perimeter and another four huts along the eastern perimeter. They also see an igloo-shaped building far away, past the rows of huts, along the northern wall. As Gresbu brings the speeder to a stop, they witness a large group of enemies emerge from the igloo-shaped building in a hurry—they must be wandering what all of the commotion is about.

Our party jumps from our speeder and takes cover on opposite sides of the compound. Arc and LE-19 go West, Gresbu and Brandon’s Character go East, splitting-up ducking behind the huts southern side. Having just witnessed our group jump from and take cover, the bounty hunters follow suit. They run toward the buildings on the north side and take cover. A group of bounty hunters go West and another group goes East, each taking cover on the tents northern side. The last one, the apparent leader of the group, stands out in the open and shouts commands at his troops pointing in different directions.

The next thing we notice, there are blaster bolts coming from three different directions. Luckily the group must have still been a bit startled as their bolts hit the buildings around us, nobody is injured.

Noticing that our group is split up, Brandon’s character motions to regroup on the East side to strengthen our numbers. BC and Gresbu provide covering fire and allow Arc and LE-19 to rush over. During the covering fire, several of the bounty hunter group also take advantage of this time and make an attempt to flank our position.

Gresbu takes special time to aim and strikes one of the advancers down. As we’re regrouping, Gresbu fires again and takes another out with a well-placed shot…his lucky rabbit foot must be working today. The bounty hunters are down to what looks like seven.

After several unsuccessful volleys of blaster bolts from both sides, Arc decides that he needs to get a favorable vantage point. Therefore, LE-19 and Arc,decide to again split from our group and attempt to flank our enemies. BC and Gresbu provide them covering fire and BC shoots and kills another enemy. Arc and LE-19 proceed west and move up a row toward the Igloo.

Sensing our advance, Angel Drombb, leader of the bounty hunters, hollers a “Retreat!” order for all of his troops. They all make a run for the door and rush inside for cover. A few blaster bolts strike the outside of the now discovered cantina as they enter missing their targets.

Our group now discovers that they have some spare time and therefore decide to search the unexplored tents/huts/buildings. As they search their surroundings they discover barracks, repair facility, mess hall, and a refueling facility. While searching a lone blaster bolt strikes Arc and catches him unaware. It must have come from the igloo-shaped cantina. Unfortunately, that wound was for nothing as nobody found anything of any real value in their search of the premises.

Just as Gresbu and Arc emerge from a hut, a stun grenade explodes at their feet. Joe Montana must have been inside that bar. They fall to the ground stunned and unable to move. BC runs to their aid and is able to pull them back into the hut for partial cover.

In an act of heroism, BC runs-n-guns toward the Igloo in a feat of rage dodging blaster bolts along the way. Seeing BC make it safely to the cantina, LE-19 rushes to meet him. They quickly scout the perimeter. There are no windows and they survey the roof. There is only one entrance in and out of this building, looks like the bounty hunters are trapped inside.

Gresbu and Arc hobble to their feet, still feeling the affects of the stun grenade and make their to the Igloo. LE-19 mentions that he saw a power generator on the outside of the building during his search. He will go and try to disable the generator to flush them out. Meanwhile, the rest of the group shoot random bolts into the cantina to keep the bounty hunters occupied.

After several attempts, despite LE-19’s mechanical ability, he is unsuccessful in disabling the generator. Therefore, he destroys it.

Gresbu has an idea. During his search of the of the facilities, he noticed a few barrels of fuel. He asks for some help to roll a barrel over to the cantina. Without much effort Arc and Gresbu are able to get a barrel to the igloo. They open the door, fire a few shots into the cantina, and tip the barrel over spilling the fuel on the floor. As they run away from the barrel, they shoot one blaster bolt into the fuel setting it ablaze. We’re going to smoke ’em out!

We prepare for the inevitable attack. Sure enough, a grenade flies through the flames in our direction and detonates away from anyone. Shortly thereafter, a flurry of blaster bolts shoot through the flames. We then see someone trying to hop over the burning barrel through the flames and they’re easily dispatched. After a few more minutes without any activity, we assume that our job is though.

We wait a few more minutes to allow the flames to die down. LE-19 offers to investigate the cantina first as he is not bothered by the smoke, which still hasn’t cleared. He cautiously enters and hollers the “all clear” minutes later. All enemies have perished in the fire.

As the group enters, they notice that nothing much remains inside the building. The fire has damaged nearly everything of value. After spending several minutes searching around, they discover a, luckily, fire-proof safe inside of the manager’s office.

They’re able to open the safe and discover in the contents:

  • Hand-held computer
  • 2,000 cr
  • Signed paperwork (unknown origin)
  • Food rations
  • 10 blaster pistols
  • 9 sets of power armor

We gather the supplies in the safe and make our way back to town, picking up the three Twi’Leks who subdued the guards.


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