There and Back Again

A Wild Lylek Appears!

Shortly after engaging hyperdrive engine, Gresbu began to hear audible warning alarms in the cockpit. While trying to find the source of the alarms, he noticed that all of the text in the cockpit was in Trandoshian. Being a fairly common spacecraft Gresbu searched for the controls to switch the text into his native tongue. While Gresbu searched for a way to switch the text into his native tongue, the spacecraft shuddered and exited hyperspace. However, while he was searching for the controls the spacecraft shuddered, groaned, and exited hyperspace. As the ship came to a screeching halt, a loud groaning sound was heard somewhere on the ship.

Gresbu, wanting to bring this to the attention of the crew, queued the intercom and suggested that they begin to clear the ship for stowaways. Nig Yelos and Beck Arflame begin to systematically inspect the cargo holds while Arc Beitor proceeds in the opposite direction. Nig and Beck notice a foul smell emanating from somewhere in the main cargo hold—something similar to rotting flesh.

Against their better judgment, they begin to search the cargo hold in an attempt to discover the origin of the horrible smell. After several minutes, they are able to discover a hidden access panel. As the panel opens, both Nig and Beck are taken back by the smell. Because neither can take the stench, they enlist LE-19, the droid without any olfactory sensors, to further investigate the compartment. After determining that the compartment was not occupied…LE-19 grabs three rotting Wookie pelts and displays them to Nig and Beck. Nig, using his streetwise skill, quickly determines that these pelts do not have any worthwhile value on the open market. He asks LE-19 to toss them out of the airlock so the environment can begin to return to somewhat of a normal smell.

And I thought they smelled bad… on the outside!

Once LE-19 has left with the pelts, Nig and Beck begin to search for other compartments. After closely studying the walls they, as they suspected, find yet another hidden compartment. With very little effort they’re able to get the “locked” compartment open and discover some supplies and equipment inside. Here’s what they find:

  • 2 Blaster Rifles
  • 1 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • 1 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • 2 Stun Grenades
  • 1,000 credits
  • 7 pair of Binders
  • 1 pair of Electrobinoculars
  • 1 Med Pack
  • 2 Glow rods
  • Trandoshian Respirator
  • Scanner
  • Toolkit

While this business with the Wookie pelts is transpiring, Arc discovers a prisoner aboard the ship. He confronts a Twi’Lek, in binders, in the #3 cargo hold. The Twi’Lek looks to be in pretty bad shape as he is malnourished and has several wounds from his imprisonment. Arc, being the natural skeptic, begins to interrogate the prisoner.

Back up in the cockpit, Gresbu is fiddling around with the controls and, luckily, is able to get the displays into his language. After this is complete, he is able to discern that the warnings are coming from the fuel gauge. It looks like they’re low on fuel and will not be able to reach their intended destination. They’ll have to redirect their course for a system in close proximity. Looks like they’ll have to set course for Ryloth. As Gresbu enters these coordinates in to the navi-computer, he notices another device…this ship is equipped with a transponder! It must be reporting their location to Teemo the Hutt! He engages the ship’s engines and they’re in for a 6 hour ride to Ryloth. He leaves to tell the rest of the crew.

During the six-hour flight, they all gather around the prisoner B’ura B’an aboard their ship and question him. After they determine that he’s a victim here and safe to release, they unfasten his binders and Nig, using his medical skills, begins to address his wounds. B’ura B’an just so happens to have family on Ryloth and invites the crew to his home for fuel and supplies.

Nearly six hours later, Gresbu hears the proximity sensor warnings in the cockpit, they’re nearing Ryloth. As the takes the ship out of hyperspace he notices another ship just behind them also exit hyperspace. Remembering the transponder aboard their newly commandeered ship, they attempt to hail the ship which jumped behind them. This mystery vessel responds to their hail by laser fire! Gresbu quickly orders the crew to man the laser cannons and positions the ship for an attack run.

After several shots back and forth the pursuing vessel is last seen smoking entering Ryloth’s atmosphere. Using B’ura B’an’s planetside coordinates, we also descent through the atmosphere and lad at Nabat spaceport. Once we arrive at the spaceport we immediately go to the control tower and inquire about the whereabouts of the spaceship we nearly shot out of space. The control tower provides us with coordinates of the downed ship, it went down in the desert.

B’ura B’an convinces us to follow him to his home and and introduces us to a few of his fellow “operatives”. Newmeen and Nynkablo. They question us briefly and make us an offer for their services. They offer to help track down the downed ship if we also help them track down some local thugs in their area. We accept and sleep through the night. While we sleep LE-19 oversees repairs to our ship and ensure that we receive the fuel that we bargained for. LE-19 also performs upgrades to our antiquated navicomputer—it was severely out of date with galaxy maps.

Early in the morning, we are awoken by several Twi’Leks who tell us to get ready as we’re going to honor our bargain to rid this town of some thugs. We board two speeders and are informed that we’re heading toward a mine.

As we’re ascending a mountain toward the mine, we’re surprised by another speeder which blocks our path around the bend. We have to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision and are dug into the sand. This speeder is occupied by a Gand bounty hunter, 4 human bounty hunters, and an all too familiar face…the Trandoshian Trex!

“Drop your weapons! You stole my ship!”

A raging battle ensues. Nig, Arc, Beck all take cover around a large rock in their close proximity. Gresbu takes the first shot but, in his haste, misses. Trex returns fire and luckily experiences a weapon malfunction. His blaster rifle is jammed.

After several minutes and blaster bolt volleys many are wounded, one human bounty hunters is dead another is severely wounded. Suddenly, there was a blaster bolt that stopped the battle. Arc, fired a shot and hit Trex who immediately drops his weapon and slouches over. Once the remaining enemy force notices Trex slouch they all, but the severely wounded human bounty hunter, retreat into a nearby cave. As they retreat, Arc approaches the remaining bounty hunter and intimidates him into surrendering.

Meanwhile Gresbu and Nig are sawing off Trex limbs to ensure that he stays dead this time. Gresbu takes Trex’s head as a souvenir. As they’re busy doing some clean-up more blaster fire erupts from the cave entrance. They are able to see the Gand and the remaining enemy force shooting in their direction. All take cover.

Beck and Arc return fire and head toward the cave entrance. The enemy retreats further into the cave and are pursued by our forces. Gresbu, Nig, and LE-19 stick behind and attempt to dig our speeder out of the sand.

As they enter the cave they hear a loud screech we all shudder in fear. A wild Lylek appears! The Lylek chomps the remaining human bounty hunter and impales the Gand and retreats, it just found its meal.

All of the forces exit the cave to find that Gresbu, Nig, and LE-19 have dug our speeder out of the sand. After exploring a bit around the bend in the road, they discover another speeder left by the bounty hunters. We all pile in the speeders and make our way toward Numeen…


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