There and Back Again

Long Arm of the Hutt

It was another hot day on Tatooine. Tyring to escape the heat, our group of adventurers entered a canteena for some R&R. While shooting the breeze, we notice several armed Gamorrean guards enter and begin speaking with the bartender. As sweat drips down from his brow, the bartender looks directly at us and points his finger in our direction.

It appears as our R&R will soon come to an end. If you saw our rap sheet with the local gangster Hutt, Teemo, you would quickly observe that none in our party are currently in good terms with Teemo. Therefore, we safely assumed the guards had come looking for us.

Having to think on our feet, we rapidly ducked inside several booths in an attempt to buy us some precious time. We immediately began preparations for the impending attack. It didn’t take long for the guards to recognize our technician droid, LE-19. They hastened their hobble, as fast as Gamorreans are able, toward our group. Knowing that there’s no negotiation with a Gamorrean, Beck, as soon as they entered range, took the first shot with his blaster rifle. It caught the closest guard by surprise and was a lethal blow. He dropped to the ground, down for the count. The guards quickly returned fire striking both Arc and Nig. This, I believe, proves that the smuggler shot first.

Nig, charged the next Gamorrean and attempted to stun him this gloves. Luckily he remembered to charge them because his attack was successful enough to bring the guard squeeling to his knees unable to move. Gresbu was able to take one out with his vibroblade in close quarters combat. After having witnessed two colleagues fall in quick succession, the remaining guards began to flee while squealing in fear.

Luckily, after several failed attempts the group is able to stop the guards, permanently. The guards did not check-out of the canteena. The groups whereabouts were safe, for now, and there were no calls for reinforcements. With smoke wafting out of their barrels, the group is greeted by a slow clap from the canteena patrons.

After the clapping subsides, the bartender motions for the party to approach the bar. He congratulates them for eliminating these “pests” and provides some valuable information. He tells them of a freighter docked in a nearby spaceport and informs them to hurry as they’re likely going to be pursued by Imperial troops. Before they leave the canteena, the bartender lets them in on some bad news, the ship is spaceworthy but is incapable of hyperspace without a replacement part.

The party leaves the canteena and heads for the local parts dealer. The parts dealer says he does have the needed part installed, but it is already spoken for. LE-19 was able to convince the dealer that he was commissioned by the Hutt to procure and install the part on the ship. They left with the part, the dealer expecting a later payment from the Hutt.

They make way toward the spaceport. As they approach they notice two guards outside the spaceport. Glaring beyond the guards they notice a YT-1300 freighter docked, and secured, to the spaceport. They will have to discover a way to release the docking clamps from the ship before it will be airworthy.

“What a piece of junk!”
“She’ll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid”

The group decided to head for the spaceport control building to see if the clamps could be released from there. As they approach this building they, again, notice that this building is secured by two sentry droids at the entrance. LE-19 and Beck decide to do some ‚Äéreconnaissance around the building while the others appear to be occupied at the main entrance. They discover a side entrance and a locked door. LE-19 uses Becks’ slicer tools and successfully opens the door. After entering through the door they wind up in an office and peer further into the complex. They discover something similar to an air-traffic control tower. Several people are busy at work at their computer terminals and pay no attention, nor do they notice, LE-19 or Beck. LE-19 decides to enter the room and approach a computer terminal—acting as if he belongs there. Luckily he is ignored by all and is able to disarm the clamps holding their getaway vehicle in the spaceport. He quickly makes an exit.

The party reassembles and heads for the spaceport. En route, they are stopped by stormtroopers. Nig lobs a stun grenade, however, in his haste, he overshoots the mark and the grenade goes over the troopers’ heads. Gresbu then tosses another stun grenade at the group of stormtroopers and it explodes at their feet. Three of the six troopers fall prone, stunned, and incapacitated. Everyone makes a run for it and tries to scale a nearby building as an escape route. All but LE-19 and Beck make it on the roof. Finally, with the help of the other party members, they are pulled to the roof. The remaining stormtroopers are overheard calling in reinforcements. Nig tosses another stun grenade, this time he is able to stun two of the stormtroopers and sees another three arrive at the scene.

Continuing their escape they all jump down from the roof to the ground below. They are now standing in front of the spaceport. The same two guards are still posted at the spaceport entrance. They cautiously approach and inform the guards that they are here to deliver the replacement part for the freighter docked in the bay. A deception check was successful, therefore the guards allow the party to pass without hesitation.

Thinking they’ve just gained access to their getaway vehicle scott free they hustle toward the boarding ramp. To their surprise, they’re greeted by a Transdoshan smuggler. “What are you doing on my ship?” he asked. The group tried to be sneaky and claimed to be delivering the part to repair the ship’s hyperdrive. They offered him the part and a small delivery fee. He agreed to pay, resentfully, but seeing their opportunity, the group tried to get greedy. They increased the price by several hundred credits. This caught him off guard and he said that he would have to call it in and proceeded to go up the ramp inside his ship. Acting quickly. everyone followed him up the ramp and into the spacecraft closing the ramp behind them

Nig quicky attempted to stun him with his gloves but failed. Not all was lost because he was able to knock him prone where he was jumped—gangsta style. LE-19 headed for engineering to begin repairs on the hyperdrive. Gresbu goes straight to the cockpit to begin his pre-flight checks.

“TK-421, why aren’t you at your post?! TK-421, do you copy?”

All of this commotion has alerted the guards posted at the entrance and they approached the vessel to investigate. They lowered the boarding ramp just as the Transdoshan was incapacitated. Pooling all of their strength, the three party members were able to roll his seemingly lifeless body down the boarding ramp which toppled the security droids at the bottom of the ramp.

It was at this time the intercom was queued to Gresbu’s voice, “The Imperials are sending reinforcements! ETA 2 minutes. Prepare for take-off!”

“Boring conversation anyway…Luke! We’re going to have company!”

Arc and Beck decide which turret to man while Nig begins to clear the remainder of the ship. Gresbu blasts the YT-1300 out of the dock, through the atmosphere, and into deep space. Almost immediately they are greeted by four Tie Fighters who shoot on sight, striking the freighter. Gresbu maneuvers the vessel to better position the gunners who return fire. On the first volley they manage to destroy one Tie and vitally wound another.

After a few very successful dice rolls, LE-19 was able to repair the hyperdrive and signals Gresbu that it has been repaired. Gresbu engages the hypderdrive….


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